Anguilla is the World’s First Government Regulated ICO Utility Token Offering Act

Contact: Judson Burdon

The Valley, Anguilla

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The Government of Anguilla passed legislation making it the world’s first and only government-regulated cryptocurrency offering registrant. Consulting company, Enigma Blockchain foresees unlimited opportunities for crypto and the prosperity of the island thanks to the new law.

The Valley, Anguilla, Caribbean, May 10, 2018


Enigma Blockchain, a company specializing in consultancy and management of initial coin offerings (ICO’s), is satisfied to have played a role in the globally unprecedented legislation recently passed in Anguilla, for the regulation of utility token offerings.

The new legislation called the Anguilla Utility Token Offering Act (AUTO Act) is a pivotal move in creating an environment for more transparent token transactions for all parties involved. It comes at a time when the crypto community can utilize legitimizing measures to secure a useful future for the controversial cyptocurrency system that operates on the blockchain and apart from a central bank. Anguilla’s Chief Minister, Victor Banks said, “We believe this new AUTO Act will help Anguilla become the leader in establishing best practices for cryptocurrency offerings, to protect the people of Anguilla and the participating public.”

Anguilla-based Enigma Blockchain spent months alongside those playing a role in getting the law passed. Anguillian Rickiell Hodge said, “This act puts my home of Anguilla at the forefront of technology and at an extreme advantage since it’s now the first out the door for regulation. We now have visions of a digital campus to support the demands that are coming as Anguilla ICO’s are likely to become the best in class for cryptocurrency assets.” Enigma Blockchain partners Judson Burdon and Chris Boundikas agreed and Mr. Burdon added, “It’s been a long journey in making this dream become a reality.  This is not only incredible for the crypto community but as well for this beautiful island that we call a paradise in the middle of the Caribbean.  This will stimulate economic development, education and provide regulatory measures that will leave out the cryptocurrencies that are fly-by-night.”

Influx is expected as this new law opens doors for those across the globe who have interest in launching a government-approved, regulated ICO.  Enigma Blockchain is positioned to help professionally guide them through the process from initial concept to launch.  Another fortuitous aspect of this avant-garde decision by the Government of Anguilla is that Anguilla is already a destination goal for many, visited for its beaches, luxury and fine dining.  Chris Boundikas said, “This move is a measured step by the current administration in changing the future for Anguilla from a beautiful tourism-dependent island to a more diversified fintech ecosystem.  We congratulate the people of Anguilla for embracing such a change and a modern approach to finance.”

About Anguilla

Anguilla is a small British-dependent island that is tax-free and located at the northern end of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean.  Once experienced it boasts loyal, repeat visitors and is known for its immaculate and unpopulated beaches, clear turquoise water, sunny days, friendly people, award-winning chefs, many restaurants and accommodations ranging from moderate to exclusively private and luxurious.  Anguilla (AXA) is a 3 hour flight from the closest point on the mainland U.S.A and is generally visited by guests throughout South America, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and the U.S.A.

About Enigma Blockchain

Enigma Blockchain is an Anguilla-based company that is in place to connect the many pieces of constructing an ICO for clients who’d like to launch a regulated ICO with an unprecedented level of ease.  They are the experts in launching from Anguilla, offer .ai domains and provide a comprehensive, compliant approach to the strategic, financial, marketing and legal aspects of an ICO with security and success as goals.